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On hand to help with breakdowns, electrical testing and new installations, an experienced commercial maintenance electrician helps to keep your commercial business running smoothly and safely.

MRG Electrician Bournemouth provide a reliable commercial electrical maintenance service to businesses across Dorset & Hampshire. Whatever the commercial electrical service you require, we have the expertise to help.


As the owner or operator of a commercial business in Dorset or Hampshire, you have a responsibility to ensure your electrical systems are properly maintained and safe to use. To ensure this you will need to follow a program of scheduled and routine maintenance, and electrical inspections and testing. You may also find yourself in need of the occasional emergency repair. An experienced and reliable maintenance electrician is key to keeping your business functioning and to ensuring your compliance with your legal electrical responsibilities.  


Many business owners are unsure if they need a commercial electrician to work at their Dorset or Hampshire premises, or if the electrician they use at their home can help. This is particularly true when considering smaller business premises but it pays to use a commercial electrician who has the right skillset and experience to complete your job effectively. A commercial maintenance electrician specialises in working in commercial environments and is used to the unique demands of those settings. Whilst your domestic electrician will certainly have the basic knowledge to work in your business, they are unlikely to have the experience of working on a commercial scale and of sticking to the tight timeframes a commercial electrician is used to. A qualified commercial electrician will have experience of working in varied sectors including factories, shops, offices, schools and hospitality venues and will also be used to working with the higher power demands of those environments. 


Here at MRG Electricians Bourenmouth, our qualified Commercial maintenance electricians provide a wide range of commercial electrical maintenance services.We can assist you with:

  • Electrical Inspections: Regular testing and inspection of your electrical systems is essential to maintaining a safe, smooth functioning working environment at your Dorset or Hampshire premises. Whether your premises need a full commercial EICR, or your electrical equipment is due for PAT testing, we can help.

  • Repairs (reactive maintenance): When your electrical installation is causing problems, our skilled commercial maintenance electricians will be on hand to get the fault identified and fixed swiftly. We can help with total power loss, tripping circuits and any other electrical breakdown.

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Regular servicing of your electrics helps to ensure everything is in good working order and helps prevent costly breakdowns. Our experienced commercial electricians at MRG Electrician Bournemouth will be happy to plan a maintenance schedule that covers all bases.

  • Electrical Upgrades: In business, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your facility is up to date and using the most efficient equipment. When it’s time to upgrade your lighting, refit your office or install cutting edge equipment our commercial team can help make your project a reality.

MRG Electricians experienced team of commercial maintenance electricians provide an outstanding and professional service to businesses across Dorset & Hampshire. We have the skills and experience to assist with the installation, maintenance, and testing of electrics for your commercial premises. Contact us today.

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