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Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Testing in Bournemouth, Dorset

Who in Bournemouth needs a fire alarm and emergency lighting test?

The list of individual cases is long, in short, anyone who manages a building which is used by the general public, an HMO or a business needs to comply with fire regs. These stipulate that regular testing is carried out by a competent person. Larger organisations will probably have their own trained personnel, however, for smaller companies and organisations, outsourcing is more practical and cost-effective.

Fire Alarm Testing Bournemouth

Whether you require fire alarm testing or installation, our emergency alert systems technicians are on hand to provide you with a professional service. Whilst at your property, we will keep you fully informed during the checking and testing process, and will explain any issues that you need to deal with.

With a fast turnaround time and competitive prices, we’re certain that you’ll be another happy customer. So give us a call on 07378 449 449 and we can give you a full run-down on what is needed before arranging an appointment to carry out testing.

Our technicians are fully trained and keep abreast of changes and additions to BS5266-8.

Bournemouth fire alarm maintenence

You should ensure that your Bournemouth fire alarm system is maintained and tested on a regular basis. Fire alarm regulations only require that your system is ‘adequately maintained’. The first aspect of this fire alert system testing is to carry out a spot check on your system. This will flag up any faults that may need further investigation and putting right. This can be carried out on a rolling programme, you don’t need to test every call point in every zone every week.

The British Standards for fire alarm systems recommends that your system should be inspected by a competent person twice a year as a minimum. Government guidance strongly recommends following that standard. On larger premises, it is probably more appropriate to have a proper inspection 3 or 4 times per year – the larger and more complex the fire alert system is, the more likely there will be a fault.

Why should I have a fire alarm test so frequently?

The obvious reason for fire alarm testing is to save lives and property, however, it is also to prevent false alarms. The latter can be disruptive to your Dorset or Hampshire business, public building or HMO. It also will help the Dorset fire brigade. A large number of call-outs are false alarms which incurs un-necessary expense and wastes brigade time. It can also mean that they are short of staff to send to a genuine fire at the same time as your false alarm.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Your emergency lighting system must be tested on a short term and long term basis, often described as daily or monthly. Daily testing is not literally testing every day. For example, if you own a Dorset or Hampshire HMO, each time you visit, you (or your staff e.g. cleaners) should visually check the LEDs on all emergency lights are illuminated. That would qualify as daily testing. During programmed maintenance, the test button of each luminaire should be pressed to make sure the light is working correctly. There also needs to be a full annual test.

Now, that’s where we come in – your annual full emergency lighting test needs to be carried out by a competent professional. This test needs to run for 3 hours and the lights must be recharged afterwards. we recommend that the full test is carried out when the premises are empty. If it is even partially occupied, you will need to provide alternative lighting until such time as the emergency lights are fully recharged.

Best Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Systems Testing, Bournemouth

Naturally, we believe that you have already found the best … MRG Electricians in Bournemouth ! Why? We install and test emergency lighting systems in HMOs, businesses and public buildings throughout Bournemouth (and the rest of Dorset & Hampshire of course!) therefore you benefit from our extensive experience.

Our company philosophy is to provide our customers with the perfect solution to their needs. Fire alarm panels, their back-up batteries and all accessible cable joints will be checked for damage, contamination, functionality and capacity as appropriate, zone by zone. Manual call points, bells and sounders will be operated and assessed to ensure that they provide sufficient sound levels in all areas. Auxilliary devices will be checked and so on … in other words, we won’t miss a thing. So get off your computer, pick up your phone and call us on 07378 449 449 to find out more.

If you require an Electrician in Dorset or Hampshire please call the office.

07378 449449

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