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Installer – EV Charging Points Bournemouth Dorset

Installer – EV Charging Points Dorset and Hampshire.

The UK will be halting the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030. Ultimately, all cars powered by fossil fuels will disappear from British roads. An increasing number of motorists are already changing to hybrid or electric cars. Presumably you have arrived on this website because you are thinking about changing from petrol or diesel to electric.

But what are the options for charging your electric powered vehicle?

Home electric car charging points

Contact for a no obligation, no pressure chat. We will advise you of the most suitable home EV charging points for your needs. We install home electric car chargers throughout Bournemouth, Poole and the rest of Dorset & Hampshire too.

You can get hold of us by ringing 07378 449 449– you will talk directly to one of our qualified electricians. This means you don’t have to explain what you want to a receptionist, wait for a call back and then go over the same stuff again with the electrician. So loads less hassle for you.

Types of home car charging point available in Dorset & Hampshire

You need off-road parking. If you have that, home electric vehicle charging can be carried out in three ways:

– From an existing 13 amp socket

– From tethered charge point

– From an untethered charge point

Charging from a 13 amp socket is very slow. It can take over 24 hours for a full charge. There are safety and security issues as well. The cable will be trailing across the floor from the nearest socket. If someone trips over the cable, the plug and wall socket could easily be damaged. It may even require you to pass the cable through a window, which would need to be left open.

Tethered and untethered car charging points are wired directly in to your consumer unit. New circuits are subject to part P regulations and are therefore best left to professionals to install. They are sited in the safest and most convenient place in your home. The charging leads will be out of the way, however, in the unlikely event someone trips over one, the socket and plug will not part company. They are designed with safety in mind.

Professionally installed EV chargers have higher power ratings than a 13 amp socket. this makes them able to charge your electric car faster, safer and more efficiently. No more let-downs in the morning when you find your car has only been half charged.

Dorset & Hampshire – finding the best home car charging point installer

Naturally, we believe that you have already found the best …  Why? Our company philosophy is to provide our customers with the perfect solution to their needs. We do this by listening to what you say. So if you need a rapid charger for a high capacity electric car, that is exactly what you will get. So get off the computer, pick up your phone and call us on 07378 449 449 to find out more.

If you require an Electrician in Dorset or Hampshire please call the office.

07378 449449

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